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The name of the parish is said to be derived from the Gaelic, Fionn-traigh, meaning “the white, or fair margin of coast, or boundary of coast” an appellation descriptive enough of the greater portion of the parish which lies along the left, or north bank of the Don. The parish is bounded on the south by the river Don, which separates it from the parishes of Dyce, Kinellar and Kintore; by the parish of Keith-hall on the north and west; and by Newmachar on the east. The greatest length of the parish, in a direct line from south to north is 4.5 miles; and its greatest breadth, also in a direct line along the valley of the Don from east to west, is 5.5 miles; and its whole area is estimated to be 7,388 acres. It was larger up to 1948 when it had two portions transferred to Dyce and Kinellar.

It is mainly an agricultural parish with very little other manufacture. The village Hatton of Fintray is typical picturesque Donside village, little changed over the last 50 years, with the exception of the addition of a number of new houses.  It has three churches in the parish, but only the most recent dating from 1821 in use. A good and well attended primary school. An excellent village hall, kept very much up to date, and also well used by the community. A bar and lounge named “The Northern Lights” was established in the village in 1962 and converted from an old established shop and printing works. It has recently been brought very much up to date with the establishment of a restaurant with a reputation for good food. It also has a joiners business, and a garage selling used vehicles.

The numbers within the parish is slowly increasing, however this has been controlled by the village via its Community Council in conjunction with a sympathetic planning authority. Hatton of Fintray remains one of the last bastions of tranquillity within a ten-mile radius of Aberdeen.

Bob Kinghorn
Former Hatton of Fintray Resident

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