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             Hatton of Fintray Recreation Area at Laird's Park 

A lot of effort by locals went into securing a Recreation Area at Laird's Park (Rec. Area) when the housing development took place.  The question still remained as to who would manage this area; the Council or the Community.  At a public meeting held in the Village hall on Thursday 14th June 2007 a significant majority of those present voted for the Hatton of Fintray Community Association Committee to look into taking over the Management of this area.
At a subsequent meeting held on Wednesday 27th June 2007 the following members volunteered to manage the development of the Rec. Area through forming a Sub Group who report back to the Community Association Committee:  Bill Murdoch, Hamish Moir, Keith Murray, Graham and Carol Mackie . 

If you have any queries with regards to the takeover plans, future development of and subsequent management of the Recreation Area please email


As of January 2011, the situation with regards to the Recreation Area is that the Community Association are still awaiting sight of a Draft Lease from Aberdenshire Council.

Once the Draft Lease has been received a meeting of the Community Association Committee will be held to discuss the document and a consensus in regard to the way forward will be reached.

A public meeting will then be called.



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