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 1ST AUGUST 2017




1.                Welcome and introductions

2.                Approval of the minutes of previous meeting

3.                Matters arising from the minutes

4.                Treasurer's report

5.                Activities since last meeting

6.                Police report

7.                Planning applications

8.                Other matters concerning Fintray Community Council area

9.                Aberdeenshire Council update

10.           AOCB

11.           Date of next meeting (Tuesday 3rd October 2017)

Meetings take place every other month, on the 1st Tuesday.  Attendance at these meetings is open to everyone living in the parish of Fintray interested in the community.



 TUESDAY 6TH JUNE 2017, 7.30pm


Present: Gina Ford, Ilene Fyfe, Sandy Fyfe, Simon Glazier (Chair), John McItosh, Lynsey McLeman (Treasurer), Mel Roberts (Secretary)

Apologies: Florence Gauld, Richard Taylor, Cllr Glen Reid

In attendance: Cllr Martin Ford, Cllr Fergus Hood, Cllr Dominic Lonchay, Alison Cumming (Aberdeenshire Council), Jane Bayliss, Dave Cunningham, Belinda Miller, Christine Moir, Christina Scanlon, Laura Simpson, Ian Thompson, Julie Young

The Chairman welcomed all attendees to the meeting, and extended a special welcome to our returning councillors and to our new East Garioch councillor, Dominic Lonchay, and noted the apology by our other new East Garioch councillor, Glen Reid.

He then proceeded to give the Chairman’s report, as follows:

It was in June of 2016 that we successfully initiated the Fintray Community Council with 8 valid nominations for Community Councillors, although this number has since increased to 9, and our inaugural meeting took place on the 4th October 2016.

At our next meeting in December we approved and adopted the Constitution of the Community Council.

Members of the community have been involved in all of the meetings to date and I hope to make this a forum for open and productive debate about matters that concern members of the Community Area.

Our local councillors have been represented at every meeting and we have appreciated their input on matters affecting both our immediate and wider community.  We have also, albeit not consistently, had input and have been able to provide feedback to the local police.

We committed to our first expenditure as a Community Council and supported the cost of installing new community notice boards within the village of Hatton of Fintray in conjunction with the Community Association.

Finally I remain committed to working alongside both the Community Association and the Fintray School Association to promote community engagement and to help keep all of the Fintray Community Council Area an enjoyable, friendly and healthy place to live.

The Treasurer gave her report, to the effect that the bank account was now in operation, that inward payments from Aberdeenshire Council and funds awaited from the defunct Fintray and Kinellar Community Council monies, less a payment for the Council’s share of the new notice boards, the balance stood at £1,600.

In view of Fintray Community Council having been inaugurated only eight months ago, the Officers were confirmed in post for a further year. 

There being no further business, the Annual General Meeting concluded at 7.45pm to be followed by the regular bi-monthly meeting.




Present: Gina Ford, Ilene Fyfe, Sandy Fyfe, Simon Glazier (Chair), John McItosh, Lynsey McLeman

Apologies: Florence Gauld, Richard Taylor

In attendance: As per AGM

1.         Welcome

The Chairman having already welcomed those present, the meeting proceeded to the next item.

2.         Approval of the Minutes of the Previous Meeting

Approval of the minutes was proposed as written by Mel Roberts and seconded by Gina Ford.

3.         Matters Arising from the Minutes

The new 20mph signage had not yet arrived – Cllr Hood undertook to investigate and report at the next meeting.

4.         Treasurer’s Report – As per AGM

Resilience Planning – Belinda Miller reported that she and Mel Roberts had investigated potential flooding pinch points and noted that the watercourses and burns running from the woods down to the River Don were blocked and required clearing. The choke points are mostly on land owned by Fintray Estates.   The question was raised whether a flood meadow might be created (in the field in front of Abbey Cottage?).  Belinda advised she had spoken with Gavin Penman, Manager for Planning and Resilience regarding potential planting and clearing drains, etc and that she and Mel would meet with him in Fintray in due course to review and discuss.

This led to discussion on flooding at Cothal, with water running downhill and causing problems for resident living there.  Jane Bayliss added that flooding was also a road safety issue.

 Proposed Playground Extension – A suggestion was made at the last meeting to expand the play area to accommodate new equipment, without impacting current parking capacity.  Ian Thompson voiced concerns over this and advised that he estimated that one third of the available parking would be lost and he believed that this would create a problem, as overflow parking is needed for people attending events at the church and the hall.  The meeting agreed that the alternative would be parking on the verges or in residential areas and that this was not desirable.

Ian went on to share an idea to consider the creation of a Village Green, to make the green space more attractive as a community space, with sympathetic planting and additional seating.  There was a lively discussion and concerns expressed about possible impact on the football pitch.  The Chairman expressed his view that the it would be sensible to look at the village as a whole in this context and it was agreed that Ian and Ilene should meet to work up a joint, compromise proposal to bring to the next meeting and ultimately put before the entire community and then before the Council.

Traffic Audit Around the School – Discussion followed on the outcomes and whether it would be possible to have a 30mph limit on the approach to the village from Kinaldie, as this appeared to be the highest risk area. 

5.         Activities Since Last Meeting

These included the village litter pick up in April, and the planting done around the village.   It was noted that litter around the village is an ongoing issue, particularly on the roadside between the Kinmuck junction and the village. 

6.         Police Report

Unfortunately there was no police in attendance at the meeting and no police report provided for the second meeting in succession.  This was a disappointment as the issue of some near misses near the village and on the Fintray-Dyce road had been noted and was to be raised at the meeting.   The Secretary will follow this up with the Inspector Darren Bruce.

7.         Planning

There were no planning applications requiring discussion.  The councillors advised that the new five year process for developing the next Local Development Plan had begun and that this was a five year process.  The question was asked whether there might be any change in Fintray’s allocation status once the AWPR is up and running.  While acknowledging that this was not impossible, councillors opined that this was unlikely and any additional housing would be more likely allocated to existing designated growth settlements.

8.         Aberdeenshire Council Update

Firstly, Cllr Lonchay addressed the meeting, introducing himself and expressing his commitment to support and work with the community, and to be a resource to listen, raise issues with the Council on behalf of community members and offer help.

Cllr Hood advised that as a result of the council elections in May, the council was now controlled by a Liberal Democrat/Conservative/Independent coalition.  He also advised that the new committee memberships had been formed and their respective Chairs appointed.  It was noted that Cllr Hood was Chair of the Garioch Area Committee, with Cllr Lonchay as Vice Chair.

Cllr Hood then shared work in progress since the election, noting that with a large number of new councillors, there might be some changes in operational approach.  He also advised that work on the school was scheduled for the summer break and also that the Tuesday bus was not cancelled.  He also reported that Area Manager Douglas Milne had announced his impending retirement.

There being no further business, the meeting concluded at 9.15pm.

The next meeting will be Tuesday, 1st August in the Village Hall at 7.30pm.


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